ClioPatria library extensions

This directory contains files that are candidate for the SWI-Prolog core libraries. ClioPatria places it at the start of the standard library search path. They should be loaded using a normal library loading call as below, so they can be moved to the SWI-Prolog library without affecting the application.

:- use_module(library(xyx)).

Prolog files  -- Import bundlesShow source
use_bundle/1Include a bundle of declarations.Source  -- Load configuration directoriesShow source
conf_d_enabled/1True if Dir is a directory from which config files are loaded.Source
conf_d_member_data/3True if Value is the value for Field in ConfigInfo.Source
conf_d_members/3Provide information about config files in Dir.Source
conf_d_reload/0Reload configuration files after adding or deleting config files.Source
load_conf_d/2Locate configuration directories and load their config files.Source
http_settings.plShow source
http_apply_settings/4Process form data created by http_show_settings//1, apply changes to the settings and create a feedback page indicating which settings have changed.Source
http_show_settings/3Emit an HTML representation of the current settings.Source  -- Configuration (setup) of ClioPatriaShow source
copy_file_with_vars/3As cp File DirOrFile, while substituting @var@ from Bindings using copy_stream_with_vars/3.Source
setup_default_config/3Setup the enabled cofiguration directory from the given ConfigAvail.Source
setup_goodbye/0Say we are done.Source
setup_scripts/2Copy all *.in files in SrcDir into DstDir, replacing variables denoted as @NAME@.Source  -- Manage software versionsShow source
check_prolog_version/1Validate the program is running under Prolog version Required or newer.Source
git_module_property/2Property is a property of the named git-component.Source
register_git_module/2Register the directory from which the Prolog file was loaded as a GIT component about which to report version information.Source