PublicShow -- Configuration (setup) of ClioPatria

Source setup_scripts(+SrcDir, +DstDir)
Copy all *.in files in SrcDir into DstDir, replacing variables denoted as @NAME@. Defined variables are:
The SWI-Prolog executable as it must be used in #!
Directory that holds the ClioPatria system
The (current) installation directory
Parent of CWD. This can be useful if the startup-script is located in a subdirectory of a project.
Source setup_default_config(+ConfigEnabled, +ConfigAvail, +Options)
Setup the enabled cofiguration directory from the given ConfigAvail. If Options include help(true), this prints a set of available options.
Source setup_goodbye
Say we are done. Waits for the user in Windows to allow the user read messages.
Source copy_file_with_vars(+File, +DirOrFile, +Bindings) is det
As cp File DirOrFile, while substituting @var@ from Bindings using copy_stream_with_vars/3.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source setup_prolog_executable(Arg1)