Prolog files

authenticate.pl  -- Authentication access for SWISHShow source
avatar.pl  -- Avatar managementShow source
bootstrap.pl  -- Bootstrap form generatorShow source
chat.pl  -- The SWISH collaboration backboneShow source
chatstore.pl  -- Store chat messagesShow source
config.pl  -- Make HTTP locations known to JSON codeShow source
cp_authenticate.pl  -- SWISH login managementShow source
examples.pl  -- Serve example filesShow source
form.pl  -- Form handling utilitiesShow source
gitty.pl  -- Single-file GIT like version systemShow source
gitty_driver_files.pl  -- Gitty plain files driverShow source
help.pl  -- SWISH help systemShow source
highlight.pl  -- Highlight token serverShow source
include.pl  -- Support :- include(File) from SWISHShow source
logging.pl  -- Add SWISH query execution to the HTTP log fileShow source
markdown.pl  -- SWISH Notebook markdown supportShow source
messages.plShow source
noble_avatar.pl  -- Noble Avatar generatorShow source
page.pl  -- Provide the SWISH application as Prolog HTML componentShow source
patch.pl  -- Run patch programShow source
paths.pl  -- Setup SWISH search pathsShow source
pep.pl  -- SWISH PEP (Policy Enforcement Point)Show source
not_sandboxed/2Called by Pengines to see whether User may call non-sandboxed operations in Application.Source
authorized/2Verify that Action is authorized.Source
profiles.plShow source
render.pl  -- SWISH term-rendering supportShow source
search.pl  -- SWISH search from the navigation barShow source
storage.pl  -- Store files on behalve of web clientsShow source
swish_csv.pl  -- Support CSV output from a Pengines serverShow source
template_hint.pl  -- Generate template hints for CondeMirrorShow source
trace.pl  -- Show source