PublicShow -- Store files on behalve of web clients

The file store needs to deal with versioning and meta-data. This is achieved using, a git-like content-base store that lacks git's notion of a tree. I.e., all files are considered individual and have their own version.

Source storage_file(?File) is semidet
Source storage_file(+File, -Data, -Meta) is semidet
Source storage_meta_data(+File, -Meta) is semidet
True if File is known in the store.
Data- is a string holding the content of the file
Meta- is a dict holding the meta data about the file.
Source storage_meta_property(+Meta, -Property)
True when Meta has Property. Defined properties are:
Peer address that last saved the file -
Source swish_search:typeahead(+Set, +Query, -Match, +Options) is nondet[multifile]
Find files using typeahead from the SWISH search box. This version defines the following sets:
  • file: Search the store for matching file names, matching tag or title.
  • store_content: Search the content of the store for matching lines.
To be done
- caching?
- We should only demand public on public servers.