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"has currency value (0..1)"@en
"This property specifies the amount of money for a price per unit, shipping charges, or payment charges. The currency and other relevant details are attached to the respective gr:PriceSpecification etc. For a gr:UnitPriceSpecification, this is the price for one unit or bundle (as specified in the unit of measurement of the unit price specification) of the respective gr:ProductOrService. For a gr:DeliveryChargeSpecification or a gr:PaymentChargeSpecification, it is the price per delivery or payment. GoodRelations also supports giving price information as intervals only. If this is needed, use gr:hasMaxCurrencyValue for the upper bound and gr:hasMinCurrencyValue for the lower bound. Using gr:hasCurrencyValue sets the upper and lower bounds to the same given value, i.e., x gr:hasCurrencyValue y implies x gr:hasMinCurrencyValue y, x gr:hasMaxCurrencyValue y."@en

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The resource appears as object in one triple:

{ price, rdfs:subPropertyOf, has currency value (0..1) }

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