Prolog files

ac_predicate.plShow source  -- Documentation page utilitiesShow source  -- Explore the running HTTP serverShow source
evaluate/1Multifile hook to extend the goals that are evaluated by evaluate_now/1.Source
page_documentation_link/3Show a link to the documentation of the current page.Source  -- Create YUI tree from HTTP locationsShow source
http_tree_view/3Show hierarchy of HTTP locations (paths).Source  -- ClioPatria help systemShow source
menu_item/2Extends the help popup with links to the source-code and the HTTP services.Source
doc_directory/1True if we allow PlDoc to serve files from Dir.Source
body/4The multi-file implementation defines the overall layout of HTML pages with the Style pldoc(_).Source  -- Provide detailed version informationShow source  -- ClioPatria wiki-page serverShow source