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This module provides the ClioPatria application menu-bar. The application menu is attached by cliopatria(skin) to all HTML pages that match the style cliopatria(_) (see reply_html_page/3).

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- The menu is built using CSS from
Source cp_menu//
HTML Components that emits the ClioPatria menu. The menu is a standard nested HTML ul list, turned into a horizontal menu using CSS. The menu can be extended and controlled using three hooks in the module cliopatria:
Source current_menu_item(-PopupKey, -Item) is nondet[private]
Enumerate the menu-items.
PopupKey- is the id of a popup. The label thereof is computed by menu_label/3 and the ordering by menu_popup_order/2.
Item- is a term item(Rank, Location, Label).
Source menu_item(Item, ?Label) is nondet[private]
Define a menu-item for the ClioPatria application menu. This predicate is hooked by cliopatria:menu_item/2.
Item- is of the form Rank=Popup/Handler, where Handler is the identifier of the HTTP handler (see http_handler/3).
Label- is the label of the popup.
Source menu_popup_order(+Item, -Location)[private]
Provide numeric locations for the popup-items. This predicate can be hooked by cliopatria:menu_popup_order/2.
Source menu_label(+Id, +Default, -Label) is det[private]
Source id_to_label(+HandlerID, -Label) is det[private]
Computes a default label from the HandlerID. Underscores are mapped to spaces and the first character is capitalised.
Source local_user_logged_on is semidet[private]
True if the currently logged on user is a local user (as opposed to an OpenID accredited logon).
Source someone_logged_on is semidet[private]
True if some user is logged on.