Dutch Ships and Sailors (DSS) Semantic Layer

On this page, you find a live version of the Semantic Layer made for the Dutch Ships and Sailors project.

Overview showing links of DSS and the Web of Data

Viewing the data

You are now looking at the ClioPatria user interface to the DSS data, which allows you to browse the data. One way to start is by browsing the RDF Graphs loaded. By selecting a graph, you can then click through to see basic statistics or download the graphs in multiple formats. You can also use the search field in the top-right corner to search for resources with matching labels. The search field has semantic auto-completion to allow you to select specific search terms.

For more complex queries, we have a number of interfaces to the SPARQL endpoint (For example the great YASGUI). On the DSS Queries page, we have listed a number of interesting example queries. Lastly, the provenance of the data can be visualized using provoviz.

To get a quick overview of the project and this demonstrator you can watch the five-minute video below.

About the project

This semantic layer was realized by Victor de Boer (VU University Amsterdam)in the context of the CLARIN-NL Dutch Ships and Sailors project in cooperation with Huygens ING and the history department of VU. This semantic layer is realized using Cliopatria, the SWI-Prolog Semantic Web Server