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Source http_login(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler to associate the current session with a local user. If the login succeeds a 200 reply according to the resultFormat parameters is sent. If the result fails due to a wrong user/password, the server responds with a 403 (forbidden) message. Other failures result in a 500 (server error).
See also
- help('howto/ClientAuth.txt') for additional information on authetication.
Source http_logout(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler to logout current user.
Source evaluate_query(+Request) is det[private]
HTTP handler for both SeRQL and SPARQL queries. This handler deals with interactive queries. Machines typically access /sparql/ to submit queries and process result compliant to the SPARQL protocol.
Source evaluate_graph_query(+Request)[private]
Handle CONSTRUCT queries.
Source evaluate_table_query(+Request)[private]
Handle SELECT queries.
Source compile(+Language, +Query, -Compiled, +Options)[private]
Compile a query and validate the query-type
Source run(+Language, +Compiled, -Reply)[private]
Source extract_rdf(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler to extract RDF from the database. This handler separates the data into schema data and non-schema data, where schema data are triples whose subject is an rdfs:Class or rdf:Property. By default both are off, so one needs to pass either or both of the schema and data options as on.
Source export_triple(+Schema, +Data, +ExplicitOnly, -RDF)[private]
Source list_repositories(+Request)[private]
List the available repositories. This is only default for now
Source clear_repository(+Request)[private]
Clear the repository.
Source unload_source(+Request)[private]
Remove triples loaded from a specified source
Source unload_graph(+Request)[private]
Remove a named graph.
Source flush_journal(+Request)[private]
Flush the journal of the requested graph
Source modify_persistency(+Request)[private]
Change the persistent properties for the requested graph
Source upload_data(Request)[private]
Sesame compliant method to upload data to the repository, typically used to handle a POST-form from a web-browser (e.g., Load local file in the ClioPatria menu). If dataFormat is omitted, the format of the data is guessed from the data itself. Currently, this possitively identifies valid RDF/XML and assumes that anything else is Turtle.
Source create_tmp_file(+Stream, -Out, +Options) is det[private]
Called from library(http/http_multipart_plugin) to process uploaded file from a form.
Stream- is the input stream. It signals EOF at the end of the part, but must not be closed.
Options- provides information about the part. Typically, this contains filename(FileName) and optionally media(Type, MediaParams).
Source upload_data_file(+Request, +FormData, +TempFile, +FileOptions)[private]
Load RDF from TempFile with additional form data provided in FormData. Options are the options passed from the uploaded file and include filename(Name) and optionally media(Type, Params).
Source upload_url(+Request)[private]
Load data from an HTTP server. This API is compatible to Sesame, although the verifyData option is not implemented (data is always checked for syntax). Unlike Sesame, the default format is not rdfxml, but derived from the Content-type reported by the server.
See also
- Calls rdf_load/2 for the actual loading.
- load_url_form/1 a form to access this API
Source ssl_verify(+SSL, +ProblemCert, +AllCerts, +FirstCert, +Error)[private]
Currently we accept all certificates. We organise our own security using SHA1 signatures, so we do not care about the source of the data.
Source remove_statements(+Request)[private]
Remove statements from the database
Source remove_triples(+List)[private]
Remove indicated triples from the database.
Source rdf_ntriple_part(+Type, -Value)//[private]
Parse one of the fields of an ntriple. This is used for the SWI-Prolog Sesame ( implementation to realise /servlets/removeStatements. I do not think public use of this predicate should be stimulated.
Source add_prefix(+Request)[private]
Register a new prefix
Source attribute_decl(+OptionName, -Options)[private]
Default options for specified attribute names. See http_parameters/3.
Source result_format(+Request, ?Format) is det[private]
Source api_action(+Request, :Goal, +Format, +Message)
Perform some -modifying- goal, reporting time, triples and subject statistics.
Format- specifies the result format and is one of html, xml or rdf.
Message- is passed to html_write//1.
Source result_table(+CPU, +SubDiff, +TripleDiff)// is det[private]
HTML component that summarises the result of an operation.
Source authorized_api(+Action, +ResultFormat) is det[private]
- permission_error(http_location, access, Path)