PublicShow -- Provide entry point for scripts

This library is intended for supporting PrologScript on Unix using the #! magic sequence for scripts using commandline options. The entry point main/0 calls the user-supplied predicate main/1 passing a list of commandline options. Below is `echo' in Prolog (adjust /usr/bin/swipl to where SWI-Prolog is installed)

#!/usr/bin/env swipl

:- initialization(main, main).

main(Argv) :-

echo([]) :- nl.
echo([Last]) :- !,
        write(Last), nl.
echo([H|T]) :-
        write(H), write(' '),
See also
- XPCE users should have a look at library(pce_main), which starts the GUI and processes events until all windows have gone.
Source main
Call main/1 using the passed command-line arguments. Before calling main/1 this predicate installs a signal handler for SIGINT (Control-C) that terminates the process with status 1.
Source argv_options(+Argv, -RestArgv, -Options) is det
Generic transformation of long commandline arguments to options. Each --Name=Value is mapped to Name(Value). Each plain name is mapped to Name(true), unless Name starts with no-, in which case the option is mapped to Name(false). Numeric option values are mapped to Prolog numbers.
See also
- library(optparse) provides a more involved option library, providing both short and long options, help and error handling. This predicate is more for quick-and-dirty scripts.