All predicatesShow -- Configuration (setup) of ClioPatria

Source setup_scripts(+SrcDir, +DstDir)
Copy all *.in files in SrcDir into DstDir, replacing variables denoted as @NAME@. Defined variables are:
The SWI-Prolog executable as it must be used in #!
Directory that holds the ClioPatria system
The (current) installation directory
Parent of CWD. This can be useful if the startup-script is located in a subdirectory of a project.
Source rename_script(+ScriptIn, -Script)[private]
Rename scripts to satisfy the target file name association.
Source make_runnable(+File)[private]
Make a file executable if it starts with #!
 setup_prolog_executable(?Var, ?Value)[private]
Executable to put in #!Path. On Windows this is bogus, but it may not contain spaces, so we include the default Unix RPM location.
Source setup_default_config(+ConfigEnabled, +ConfigAvail, +Options)
Setup the enabled cofiguration directory from the given ConfigAvail. If Options include help(true), this prints a set of available options.
Source default_config(+ConfigEnabledDir, +ConfigAvailDir, +Options)[private]
Install a default configuration in ConfigEnabledDir based on the information from ConfigAvailDir. Options:
Skip this file from the installation
Add this file to the installation
Source config_defaults(+ConfigAvail, -Defaults) is det[private]
Defaults is a list of file(Key, File, How) that indicates which available config files must be installed by default.
ConfigAvail- is either a directory or an alias.
Source setup_config_help(+ConfigEnabled, +ConfigAvail) is det[private]
Source install_config_file(+How, +ConfDir, +File) is det[private]
Install the configuration file File in the configuration directory ConfDir. How dictates how the file is installed and is one of:
Link the file. This means that the configured system updates the config file if it is updated in the package.
As link, but avoiding the nead for symlinks
Copy the file. This is used if the config file in the package is merely a skeleton that needs to be instantiated for the specific ClioPatria installation.
Source link_prolog_file(+SourcePath, +DestDir) is det[private]
Install a skeleton file by linking it. If it is not possible to create a symbolic link (typically on system that do not support proper links such as Windows), create a Prolog `link' file that loads the target.
Source include_prolog_file(+Source, +Dest) is det[private]
Creat a link file for a Prolog file. Make sure to delete the target first, to avoid an accidental write through a symbolic link.
Source setup_goodbye
Say we are done. Waits for the user in Windows to allow the user read messages.
Source copy_file_with_vars(+File, +DirOrFile, +Bindings) is det
As cp File DirOrFile, while substituting @var@ from Bindings using copy_stream_with_vars/3.
Source copy_stream_with_vars(+In:stream, +Out:stream, +Bindings:list(Var=Name)) is det[private]
Copy all data from In to Out, while replacing @var@ with a binding from Bindings. In addition, !var! is replaced with a Prolog-quoted version of the variable content.
Bindings- List of Var=Name or Var(Name). If exact case match fails, the match is retried with the lowercase name.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source setup_prolog_executable(Arg1)