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Source http_show_settings(+Options)// is det
Emit an HTML representation of the current settings. Options:
If true, hide module headers from the user.
If present, only show settings from modules in ModuleList.
Source show_value(+Type, +Value)// is det[private]
Emit a Value in non-editable representation.
Source input_value(+Type, +Value, +Id)// is det[private]
Emit an form-field for Value.
Source http_apply_settings(+Request, +Options)// is det
Process form data created by http_show_settings//1, apply changes to the settings and create a feedback page indicating which settings have changed. Options:
If true and some settings have changed, call save_settings/0.
If some settings have changed, call save_settings(File). The option save_as overrules save.
Source process_settings_form(+FormData)//[private]
Process the raw form data, producing a list holding terms of the form:
  • error(no_setting(Setting))
  • error(bad_value(Setting, Value))
  • change(Setting, Old, New)
Source html_name(+Settings, -Name) is det[private]
html_name(-Settings, +Name) is det[private]
Convert between Module:Setting and Name for use in form-fields.
Source negate_odd_even(+OddEven, -EventOdd)[private]