RDF Query languages

This directory contains the implementation for standard RDF query languages: SPARQL en SeRQL.

Prolog files

jena_properties.plShow source
rdf_html.pl  -- Write query-results as HTML table.Show source
rdf_io.plShow source
rdf_turtle_io.pl  -- Write query-result graphs as TurtleShow source
rdfql_runtime.pl  -- SPARQL/SeRQL runtime support predicatesShow source
rdfql_util.plShow source
serql.plShow source
serql_runtime.plShow source
serql_compare/3Handle numerical and textual comparison of literals.Source
serql_member_statement/2Get the individual triples from the original reply.Source
serql_xml_result.plShow source
sparql.plShow source
sparql_csv_result.pl  -- Write SPARQL results as CSVShow source
sparql_grammar.pl  -- SPARQL ParserShow source
sparql_json_result.pl  -- Write SPARQL results as JSONShow source
sparql_runtime.pl  -- SPARQL runtime supportShow source
sparql_eval/2Evaluate a SPARQL expression.Source
sparql_eval_raw/2Same as sparql_eval/2, but return the raw result.Source
sparql_find/5Implement *(PropertyPath).Source
sparql_group/1Same as call.Source
sparql_group/3Execute a group that contains non-steadfast variables, which asks for delayed unification of the output arguments.Source
sparql_minus/2Realise SPARQL MINUS.Source
sparql_reset_bnodes/0Reset the database for the BNODE(str) function.Source
sparql_service/5Execute a remote SPARQL SERVICE request.Source
sparql_simplify/2Simplify goals to the SPARQL runtime functions before they are handed to the general optimizer and runtime evaluation.Source
sparql_subquery/3Execute a SPARQL subquery.Source
sparql_true/1Generated from FILTER Term, where Term must be converted to a boolean as 'Effective Boolean Value'.Source
sparql_update/1Handle SPARQL update requests.Source
sparql_xml_result.plShow source
text_properties.plShow source