PublicShow -- Manage software versions

The module deals with software versions. It currently implements two features: test whether SWI-Prolog is sufficiently new using check_prolog_version/1 and find GIT version signatures for the running server. Modules that want their version info available through the web-page can do so using a call to register_git_module/2.

Source check_prolog_version(+Required)
Validate the program is running under Prolog version Required or newer. Required is in numeric notation (e.g. 50317 for 5.3.17)
Source register_git_module(+Name, +Options)
Register the directory from which the Prolog file was loaded as a GIT component about which to report version information. This should be used as a directive. Defined options:
Use Dir as the location of the GIT repository instead of the directory of the file from which this directive was called. If Dir is not absolute, it is taken relative to the directory holding the file from which this directive was called.
Used to create a link to the components home-page.
Source git_module_property(?Name, ?Property) is nondet
Property is a property of the named git-component. Defined properties are:
git-describe like version information
Base directory of the component
To be done
- Extend with more detailed version (e.g., remote)

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source git_update_versions(Arg1)