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Package management TODO list


Dependency tracking


Examine package status

Trust management

The CPAN model

CPAN introduces some level of trust using the following steps below. We assume that this level of trust is sufficient for us too. GIT gives us a few free extras.

The CPACK model

We rely on GIT repositories. This allows for distribution and we can express our trust in several ways as listed below. Note that these trust-levels go from low to high.

  1. Trust a server
  2. Trust a repository
  3. Trust a signed commit
  4. Trust a hash

We need a reliable URL for a submitter. I.e., OpenID. Using OpenID, we could establish a `network of trust' using e.g., FOAF? An OpenID user can submit:

Additional services:

GIT Tricks

Find tags on a branch (ordered):

Get a single file from a remote repo

git archive --remote=url://to.git.repo branch path/to/dir | tar -x file