PublicShow -- Represent Prolog terms as HTML

This file is primarily designed to support running Prolog applications over the web. It provides a replacement for write_term/2 which renders terms as structured HTML.

Source term(@Term, +Options)// is det
Render a Prolog term as a structured HTML tree. Options are passed to write_term/3. In addition, the following options are processed:
If a float is rendered, it is rendered using format(string(S), Format, [Float])%
To be done
- Cyclic terms.
- Attributed terms.
- Portray
- Test with Ulrich's write test set.
- Deal with numbervars and canonical.
Source blob_rendering(+BlobType, +Blob, +WriteOptions)// is semidet[multifile]
Hook to render blob atoms as HTML. This hook is called whenever a blob atom is encountered while rendering a compound term as HTML. The blob type is provided to allow efficient indexing without having to examine the blob. If this predicate fails, the blob is rendered as an HTML SPAN with class 'pl-blob' containing BlobType as text.