PublicShow -- HTTP directory listings

This module provides a simple API to generate an index for a physical directory. The index can be customised by overruling the dirindex.css CSS file and by defining additional rules for icons using the hook file_extension_icon/2.

To be done
- Provide more options (sorting, selecting columns, hiding files)
Source http_reply_dirindex(+DirSpec, +Options, +Request) is det
Provide a directory listing for Request, assuming it is an index for the physical directrory Dir. If the request-path does not end with /, first return a moved (301 Moved Permanently) reply.

The calling conventions allows for direct calling from http_handler/3.

Source directory_index(+Dir, +Options)// is det
Show index for a directory. Options processed:
Sort the files in the directory listing by Field. Field is one of name (default), size or time.
Sorting order. Default is ascending. The altenative is descending
Source http:mime_type_icon(+MimeType, -IconName) is nondet[multifile]
Multi-file hook predicate that can be used to associate icons to files listed by http_reply_dirindex/3. The actual icon file is located by absolute_file_name(icons(IconName), Path, []).
See also
- serve_files_in_directory/2 serves the images.